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All According to Taste:
The Three Bears' Guide to Porridge Making

Music from The Bohemian Girl by Michael W. Balfe; Lyrics by Daniel A. Gainey;
Directed by Ellen Douglas Schlaefer; 
Scenic design by Teddy Moore; Costume design by Alexis Doktor

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This is a new look at the traditional story of Goldilocks with an eye toward embracing our differences – that is, we don’t all have to like our porridge prepared the same way to enjoy it.

The opera will be performed by FBN Productions, Inc.'s professional guest artists. FBN will provide a study guide and music preparatory materials.  Every performance is followed up by a question-and-answer session with the singers.

Available March 2017

40 minutes

Ideal for pre-K through 5th grade

Contact us for pricing information.  Discounts available for multiple performances.  Sponsorship opportunities available for all performances.  (If you are interested in sponsoring a performance, or know of someone who might be interested, please get in touch!)

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