FBN Alumni Spotlight: Candice Hoyes

When did you sing with FBN Productions, Inc.?  What production? 
Candice:  2009 Tour - I sang the Doll's Aria from Les Contes d'Hoffmann.

What have you been up to since? 
Candice:  I am a recording artist and sing jazz, classical, and soul music.  

What are you up to now?
Candice: I released my debut album, On a Turquoise Cloud, in 2015 and it is a collection of rare Duke Ellington songs that have not been recorded for over 70 years.  I am an independent artist. My album peaked in the Top 10 of the US Jazz charts. I am playing venues across the country. I am also doing a teaching residency in winter 2015 at the United Nations International School teaching voice.

How is the experience of working for FBN prepared you for your career?  Has it shaped you as a singer and an artist? 
Candice:  FBN in general was inspiring because of Ellen's deep commitment to arts education, and the wonderful students I met on a daily basis.  I continue to be a music educator, and I will carry this passion throughout my career.  FBN is really impressive because of its growth over time, and it's impact on students and artists alike.

What is the most memorable experience from your time with FBN? 
Candice:  Let me tell you, there is no way to forget singing The Doll's Aria at 9am for an audience of hundreds.  I did very strong technical preparation for that one!

Do you have any other news or memories to share? 
Candice:  I enjoyed my FBN tour so well that I referred one of my great friends, Jocelyn O'Toole to FBN tour the subsequent year.

How can our readers keep up with your latest accolades?
The best way to contact me is following on twitter: @candicehoyes  My album is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and CDBaby.  I am available for educational outreach and concerts through my website, onaturquoisecloud.com 

Featured on the left hand side of this post, Candice Hoyes releases EPK "On a Torquoise Cloud" (U.O.J. Productions)